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It's been a long time since my last article, but today I found I had it for writing a new one. This is about I dream I had. I used to write all my dreams in a diary, last year, but I am really lazy, that's my problem, so I stopped to write them down. Until this morning: last night I had a very crazy dream and I am not a psycologist (even if I studied psycology) but I recognized some attitudes of mine.

This is it:

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I don't remember how it start, but I remember to be in a hospital with other girls and boys like me. It was a "Place of preparation" for ill people to the real therapy and I remember it scared me because it reminded me to a psychitrist hospital or a nazi one. I get up from my bed and I walk through this hallway and I meet a guy (that I used to know) and I ask him how many catheters they set and he replies 'four' using his hand. I knew of what we was talking about because I was able to travel between time and space and that's why I had been met that guy before: In my future.

Then my mom walks on this large room and she brings me some cheese. It looks like disgusting, that's why I said something like "oh, yeah I used to it disgusting food." So, I realized to be stuck between past and future. In my future (my present, right now) I feel like I am and I will always be the ill girl because I think I can feel it right now the same feelings I had whren I was actually ill. But I don't. I can't. I know what I had been through, only me can understand it, but at the same time even myself can't remember exacly how I felt and what my body felt. Even if you had been live it you can't understand if you are not living it now. It's a strange thing, but through the time our body and our mind can forget it some things.
So, that's how I feel in the future and it make me understand that even in the past I am a different person. I am not the girl in the past anymore and I am not the girl in the future because I am stuck in the past. So, who I am I?
I started to think about some girls and boy from The British Empire Postcolonialism novels who have the same problem to understand in which country they belong. And I think they belong to both as me. I belong to my past and my future.
Oh, this is not the end of the dream! I don't how but I find myself in movie theatre travelling to the future and there I meet this guy who was like a Henry Morgan from "Forever" and the same time The Doctor. I go to him and I say "I am ill and I came from future" so another future different from that future (?) and he replies "and I am Mr.." and I don't remember his name! But it was a very important name, like the Doctor, I said, and It makes me understand that he is time traveller as me and we are looking for the same thing.

I know it looks like a pilot from a new tv show haha, maybe it can help me to write a new one lol

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