1. i try to be optimistic but it usually doesn't work out.
2. i love music more then anything else, if i didn't have music i would kill myself, music cures my depression step by step.
3. some music faves are beatles, smiths (morrissey), paul mcfuckingcartney, this swedish band called kent and i've been really loving mac demarco atm.
4. i'm always up for new song/artist/album recommendations, so feel free to share some with me.
5. i'm depressed af.
6. i've been using weheartit for about 3 years.
7. i love nintendo
8. im currently learning to play the electric guitar, so far i can play seven nation army and smoke on the water and thats it.
9. i love love.
10. i drink alot of water
11. my worst fears are drowning, getting raped and being left out.
12. I believe in god, but im not christian and i don't go to church.
13. my favourite number is 13.
15. i love british people, i could listen to them talk all day!
16. im into older men and girls.
17. im the black sheep in my class, but i love it.
18. im 14 yrs old :)
19. I love to learn, but i hate going to school.
20. i wish we wore school uniforms in my school ugh.
21. I really want to move to london some day and sing and write poetry and sleep all day and party all night.
22. i NEVER want to get married
23. but i do want kids.
24. i want to teach my kids to love themselves and everything and to seize the day everyday because life is short.
25. my favourite colour is pink.
26. i really want to get back into poetry even though my poems make no sense.
28. i have a celeb crush on hugh jackman and jeremy irons, yes.
29. my favourite subjects in school atm are science and social science.
30. i hate the people in stockholm SO MUCH, they look at me like im dumb af, like srsly what did i ever do to you.
31. i go to improv.
32. I love any decade before the 00's.
33. Im really digging the art hoe style rn, but i change my style all the time cuz im always bored with just one specific style that i have to stick with, i like to alternate.
34. I love the movie lolita (97') its so beautiful oh my god.
35. i hate the new jumanji movie the 95' one was so much better like plz stop. #notmyjumanjimovie.
36. i love the sitcom full house, like i kid you not i've rewatched the entire 8 seasons like at least 35 times in less then 2 years.
37. youtube is dead. i loved youtube before it was my life. fuck you logan paul.
38. my favourite youtubers were O2L, zoella, thatcherjoe, shane dawson, michelle phan and the theorizer. i also loved mylifeaseva and the rest of her gang, but now when i look back at her videos im honestly not that impressed.
39. im (usually) never impressed.
40. I love the it cast so much along with the stranger things cast before they were hardcore celeb teenagers.
41. i was born in sweden but raised in the us (los angeles) then moved back to sweden.
42. i hate sweden get me out of here now.
43. i love books, but honestly i hate long books because i mean cmon, who actually likes to read a 1000+ paged book. i honestly feel like its a massive waste of time.
44. when i was ten i faked a heart attack, the ambulance came and took me to the hospital and everything, im so angry with myself about that.
45. thanks for making it this far.
46. honestly this has been such a fun article to write i hope you like it so far even though im twisted af.
47. i used to be vegetarian, now im a full on meat eater. thx kfc.
48. i usually shop at h&m and monki.
49. when i was living in the us, i actually was moved from 1st grade to 2nd grade cuz i was better at english then the other american kids in my class. fun times.
50. I love you. even though i have no idea who you are, there is good in everyone and there is plenty of good in you, just keep digging. wow, i actually managed to be a little optimistic.