pisces and zodiac image constellation, pisces, and star image theme, aesthetic, and dark image aries, cancer, and Libra image
i'm a pisces (feb 19 - mar 20)


aesthetic, header, and pack image girl, shadow, and aesthetic image aesthetic, peach, and peachy image Image removed
mustard yellow, faded red, pastel orange and lavender


90s, aesthetic, and alternative image Image removed baby and sleep image aesthetic, funny, and girls image
these are the only moods I have


Temporarily removed airport and travel image cheer, sports, and usa image Temporarily removed
I love conspiracy theories, traveling, cheerleading and netflix


baby, beach, and daughter image alone, amsterdam, and autumn image lana del rey, aesthetic, and flowers image Temporarily removed
building a family, visit amsterdam, see a lana del rey concert and own a samoyed and a golden retriever


friendship, friends, and grunge image fashion, grunge, and alternative image blue, sweater, and aesthetic image vintage, adidas, and retro image grunge, hipster, and indie image grunge, style, and 90s image friends, fashion, and monica geller image asian, dark, and fashion image
my main inspirations are the 80's-90's and the show friends


Image removed lonely, pathetic, and grunge image barbie bitch image quotes, show, and grunge image
I'm a passive aggressive human who kinda uses humor to hide the pain


baklava, cake, and delicious image Image removed alfredo, fatty, and pasta image autumn, chips, and coca cola image
my favorite type of food is lebanese food, I live for pizza, shrimp pasta and mc donalds


animal, Polar Bear, and bear image animals, cat, and cute image aesthetic, alternative, and animals image adorable, animal, and animals image
my all-time favorite animal is an elephant, but I also love polar bears, cats and sloths

tv shows

stranger things image Image removed Image removed background, bikini, and black and white image teen wolf, tyler posey, and dylan o'brien image Temporarily removed Image removed Image removed Image removed friends, tv show, and series image
I have lots, but the main ones are stranger things, the end of the fucking world, the challenge, gossip girl, teen wolf, dance moms, are you the one, american horror story, pretty little liars and friends


Clueless image love, movie, and 10 things i hate about you image edward scissorhands, johnny depp, and movie image the art of getting by, movie, and freddie highmore image film, movie, and ferris bueller's day off image the edge of seventeen image harry potter, hogwarts, and castle image Image removed
clueless, 10 things I hate about you, edward's scissorhands, the art of getting by, ferris bueller's day off, the edge of seventeen, harry potter and dead poets society are my fucking cure for depression


lana del rey and vintage image cuco image aesthetic, alternative, and artist image Image removed band, indie, and sales image Temporarily removed
lana del rey is my main bitch, would actually die for either cuco, rex orange county or billie eilish, love sales and xxxtentacion gets me in the feels in a way no other artist does


jenna marbles and youtuber image dawson, face, and funny image icons, youtube, and lq image okbaby, oscar morales, and levi morales image girls, icons, and theme image Image removed do, emma, and red image tana mongeau image
jenna marbles and shane dawson are literally my parents, I love david dobrik so much, okbaby and bratayley makes me wanna have a family asap, carly and erin are so fucking underrated I love them, emma chamberlain is a relatable meme queen and I actually love tana mongeau unironically

celebrity crushes

Image removed Image removed leonardo dicaprio, boy, and smoke image heath ledger, boy, and actor image james franco, freaks and geeks, and 90s image actor, aesthetics, and alternative image
can you blame me? look at them holy (miles teller, micheal b jordan, leonardo dicaprio, heath ledger, james franco and johnny depp)


coffe, espresso, and latte image book, if i stay, and where she went image Image by Alice book, harry potter, and candle image
lolita, if I stay, the catcher in the rye and harry potter are my fav books of all time


Mature image dylan o'brien, thomas, and the maze runner image boy, actor, and cute image johnny depp, young, and boy image
heath ledger, dylan o'brien, thomas brodie-sangster and johnny depp


Temporarily removed bella thorne, girl, and bella image Heathers, winona ryder, and 80s image actress, chanel, and emma roberts image
megan fox, bella thorne ( yes I actually really like her lol), winona ryder and emma roberts


quotes, love, and black image quotes, drink, and miss image quotes, vodka, and drunk image quotes, love, and red image quotes, yellow, and tumblr image quotes, sad, and tumblr image
kinda depressing I know

tattoo ideas

pisces, tattoo, and zodiac image aesthetic, alternative, and art image Image removed airplane, idea, and little image Image by Diana Avila Image by Mariana Pinto
I want many zodiac signs tattoed (pisces for me and my brother, leo for my mom, scorpio for my dad and libra for my best friend), I think a simple flower is so beautiful as a tattoo, I love minimalist and simple, but aesthetic tattoos. I want to get a tattoo representing all of the places I've traveled to and small phrases

places I want to travel/go back

beautiful, buildings, and city image amsterdam, architecture, and canal image berlin image big city, Flying, and places image cloudy, cold, and edinburgh image city, los angeles, and travel image
new york, amsterdam, berlin, paris, scotland and los angeles

Dang, that was long, but here's me!