as we talk more
i know more about your life
it’s not perfect
as I thought it was
kinda a crazy life
going up and down
like a wave

but she has not lost
who she is
no matter what life
throws at her

now I see the pain
in her voice
and her eyes

she does reckless things
to make it
but does it
make it "better"

a normal bike ride
turned bad
you saw your life flash
like a blink of an eye

now you live differently
enjoying life
loving education
loving music
love singing
loving family and friends

her parents
don’t know her at all
they want her to be different
someone who is
more girly

she’s a short haired blond
piercing hazel eyes
a surfer girl
living life
what a grom you are

singing your own songs
is an outlet
to say what you want
hiding behind the
melody and chords

her singing is
unique and
how graceful
her guitar playing is
it's like she's born for it
Joan of Arc
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