Life is like a long run, you have to know when you need a rest, when you have to speed up and when you have to walk slower to save some energy. You have to have fun with it, know the consequences of your actions and live for yourself.

I learned this the hard way; who would've told me that trying to succeed at everything my parents required me to would be the death of me.

Never saying no makes you unreliable, tired, sick, sloppy and - most of all - unhappy. The main cause of burnouts is not being able to say these two letters n o. You can't even blame anyone else, since you've never expressed yourself to be overwhelmed. If you're letting people take advantage of you because you can't say no, some will do it knowingly, others without knowing what you're going through.

If you feel stuck, unmotivated and worn out, consider it's time to be a minimalist for a day or two. Which tasks can you leave out?

I tend to leave out doing homework for classes I know I can afford not doing them. It's a bad habit to some, but I do it consciously. It's a conscious decision because I know I will have time to get back on track really quick and that I need the time out. Sometimes saying no is more important than saying yes.

Say yes to yourself and no to others. Of course, not always, because you need to look at the future as well, but sometimes you can afford it.

Can you afford it right now? If yes, then take a day off!

This is day 24 "Something I've learnt the hard way" of the 30 days writing challenge. I've found a lot of you enjoyed the random facts about me entry. Thankyou for your kindness!