Hey guys!

My article for today is going to focus on spring cleaning your life. Now, I'm a strong believer that we can make changes in our lives at any time that we want to. However, I think there's something so new and refreshing about the spring season, that I think it's a great source of inspiration to encourage you to improve your life!

Feel free to copy the list onto the notes on your phone, or onto paper and edit it to suit you!

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Health, Food and Fitness:

-Create an exercise schedule
-Bookmark good recipes in a recipe book
-Check for expired food in cupboards
-Try a new exercise class
-Try one new food a week
-Make a meal plan

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-Sort through your wardrobe (give anything unwanted or unused to charity or a friend)
-Deep clean your home (even the hard to reach spots!)
-Rearrange your furniture
-Buy a new cushion, rug or decoration, or DIY something at home!
-Clear out any apps on your phone/computer and upload photos to your computer
-Swap out your winter clothes for spring clothes
-Add a plant or two (or three, or four...)

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Mental Health:
-Read a new book
-Create a list of goals for the season
-Try yoga or meditation
-Plan out your next week/month
-Have a pamper day
-Go somewhere new
-Take a long walk
-Treat yourself to something nice

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-Reach out to a friend you haven't seen in a long time
-Set up a night in/night out with friends
-Ask friends for film/book/TV recommendations
-Talk to someone you wouldn't normally talk to (eg. a friend of a friend, someone new in class or work colleague. Be careful of strangers though!!)

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Best spring wishes to all of you!!

Love, E x