Hello World and welcome back to one more article by me.(yup,i haven't found my new intro yet).This article will be quite different from my other articles,because I will talk to you about something that has to do with my country, (that is,Greece.) I have read so many articles in whi for the sights of Greece, gods and goddesses from ancient Greek mythology and of course I have seen several ''aesthetic'' articles with photos of gods. , Consequently, today, I thought of telling you an interesting theory of a well-known Greek philosopher, Plato, you might not know.

Without more information, let's get started :)

Plato / ''Our Other Half''

Plato was one of the most momentous Greek philosophers of classical Greece who claimed that once upon a time there was a creature with two heads, four feet and hands, two mouths and nose, and four eyes and ears. Because of his/her physical abilities,he/she threatened Gods, who believed that perhaps this creature, (which was called human),would at some point achieve having more power than them.So,they decided to divide it into two parts and that's how humans created.These people are trying during their lives to find their other half, because only if they find it, they will be able to become powerful and happy again!


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~So,that's it for today guys.I know that this article was kinda ''small'', but honestly i wanted very much to share with you this romantic and interesting theory!

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