It was a few glorious days

couple, sunset, and sky image

A summer wasted on the dance floor

love, couple, and boy image

Moving too fast to see clearly

Mature image

That time was not a friend of ours

couple, fashion, and girl image

And that our days were numbered

love, couple, and wedding image

Counted in every sunset, in every touch, and in every tender kiss

love, couple, and kiss image

What started with a look and a smile and a shake

bikini, couple, and kiss image

Turned on its head into something no one foresaw

couple, love, and boy image

Not you

couple, happiness, and cute image

Not I

couple and kiss image

Or even all the stars above us knew

love, couple, and kiss image

But it was a flame

love, couple, and grunge image

And it sparked regardless of future pains

couple, love, and goals image

Of knowing each star counted was another night gone

love, couple, and goals image

And we had so very few to begin with

couple, love, and kiss image
Poem by me