I know - these days, with so much fashion coming at you from every platform, it's hard to find one style that you like, and then stick with it. Maybe you think you've found it one day, but then you doubt yourself when you see someone else looking bomb in a completely different style. Maybe that's a little overwhelming, and you just want to be able to pick a cute outfit in the morning without having an existential crisis (ahem, me). I get it. We can work through that.

Here are the easiest tips to finding your style without breaking the bank!

1. Before anything, find some inspiration.
I love a good moodboard, and if you're reading this right now, I'm guessing you do too. Moodboards are so easy to make, and they really help to narrow down the kind of look you're going for. If you have multiple styles you want to try out, make multiple moodboards! WeHeartIt is a great place to do this (as we all know), and some people use Pinterest for this as well. You can even use Instagram now that they have their Save feature!

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2. Shop your closet.
Now that you have your moodboard, look at the key pieces you're finding in a lot of the pictures. Most likely, you'll find style basics you already had, like jeans and basic tees and sweaters. Maybe you never thought about pairing them like the model in your moodboard did, and you should totally try it that way!

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3. DIY your closet.
Another amazing way to shop your closet is to make little updates to things you already have. For example, say you're loving ripped jeans, and you have an old pair of jeans that you're not really feeling anymore. Duh, rip them up! Best case scenario, you have a bomb new pair of ripped jeans that you love! Worst case scenario, you weren't feeling those jeans anymore anyway - but really, distressing is so in that even if you mess up, it will still look cool.

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4. Swap out trends that you're not feeling.
Okay, I love the look of flared pants. I think they're so trendy and cool, but I do NOT rock them. So when I see a picture of a girl looking dope in a pair of flared pants, I swap out the pants for a pair that I love to wear. I'm taking inspo from her awesome outfit, but I'm still making it my own. Woah, wait a second - I just identified a part of my style. Yeah, it's that easy!

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A perfect example...

5. Sell your old clothes to make room for new ones!
I know firsthand how much it sucks to want a new wardrobe but not have the money for it. My life was forever changed when I found out about apps like Carousell, which allow you to sell your old clothes to people in your area. You set your price, too!

Not into the idea of doing that kind of work? Tons of stores will take it off your hands for CASH, like Plato's Closet or Kind Exchange. They choose the price, but if you bring in a bag of your old clothes and make 25$ off of it, I'm guessing you won't be mad about it.

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6. Shop smart!
Buying basics is truly such a smart idea. Basics are so easy to wear, easy to DIY, and they're not that expensive either. Win-Win-Win. If you want to invest in a trend piece, see if you can DIY it first to save your $$$. And yeah, there is so totally a post coming about cool updates you can DIY on your basics!

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I know it seems really intimidating to define yourself under one style, but you totally don't have to. You can pick a bunch of words that describe the kind of style you like and just mash it up. It's you, so it's okay if it's not super basic! Or, don't do that at all and just wear what makes you feel stylish! Who needs labels when you look fabulous?

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Thanks for reading!
- Raye