Hello sweeties! I came to you now with my third article from my Bucketlist points. Thank you so much for those hearts for my previous two articles. You are the best hearters and followers on the world. Sending so much love to you! So, have a good time here and let's do this!

Visit the Walk of Fame

When I saw it for the first time (I think it was in a movie, but idrk), I think that one day, I must see that place. Like, cme on, there are so many celebs and stars and idols, everyone must to see that place one day.

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Visit a Haunted House

I don't know why, but I saw so much movies and read many blogs or stories, in which are things about haunted houses and I'm curious about it. I don't know what do you guys think about it, if you wanna say something, just leave a message and we can talk about it.

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Try macaron

When I saw this little cutie thing on a photo, I wanna try it out! And last year I did it and it was delicious! It's a bit costly, but it tastes really good.

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Survive High School

Yes, you read it right. Haha. But it's important to take the exams, what I will do next year and I don't really wanna do those exams, 'cause one of them a don't like so much. But I will do my best, and also I have time for that, so send me so much energy for that.

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Be a Recognized Writer on WHI

When I start writing articles and I first saw the recognized writer article, from WHI, I want to be a writer too. And now, in these times I do my best with my articles to be one of them just for one month. I love so much writing things that I want to or I love to write for you guys. And if I do my best, one day I will be a Recognized Writer.

This was my lovely thing here and I really hope that you liked this as much as the previous articles of this. If you want to see other articles or song from me, just check the collections below. Have a really good day or a good night. Byeee!

LA, out.