Hi Guys!

Despite the fact that everyday this week has had temperatures below zero and it's currently snowing outside my window, I feel like I'm the slight bit of sun that broke through the clouds earlier this afternoon is beckoning me into doing a spring mood board.

Spring is the season of refreshing. Cool air, sunny mornings, rain to wash away winter blues... Dust off your sunglasses...


At least where I live, in the rainy ol' south of England, spring is the season for light jackets, thin jumpers and sweatshirts, finally ditching tights and swapping out big winter coats for cute, boldly coloured rain jackets! Jeans and pumps are a must have and anything neutral, pastel or white is appreciated in order to shoo away as much of the winter darkness as possible.

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Blooming flowers, bright sunshine (but without the unbearable heat), fields littered with daisies. It really is a time for waking up! Waking up earlier, as the sunlight streams through your blinds and getting out for a walk in the fresh air.

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With the return of sunlight, your decor needs brightening up too! Swap out your bedding for crisp white sheets, add a dash or pink, yellow or green. Adding pastels here and there will just bring a little bit of brightness and a little dash of colour. However, it's needless to say the one staple of spring: PLANTS, PLANTS and MORE PLANTS!

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That's all from me, today. Head out and enjoy the outdoors again! I wish the best, most refreshing spring to each of you!

Love, E x