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How can one keep living their life after finding Perfection?How far they can go believing that noone better than him/her will ever come again? Or how can they want to be with someone like they used to be who hurt them in the worst way possible?

Perfection is dangerous. So is finding what you want. Because when you do you say "Yes. That's it. Couldnt be more than this.". What will you do when what you found slipped out of your life silently? Maybe you can find better one. But how far can this drag you as long as it just stays as a thought more than a belief?

That when all you can do is just missing the past. You cant imagine anything better. Even though you try you always think about him/her. So you replay memories in your head over and over. Because in those memories you were happy, had all you wanted, would've passed upon a wish chance.

Now im thinking about the good days. I smile while im thinking like im reliving them. Because now, they're all i have. Oh and "i wish"es. I wish everything was different. I wish it didnt end like this. I wish it didnt end at all. Or i wish we just froze the time and stayed in one of those memories forever. That would have been Perfect.

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That was what you said to me. I missed you for so long but im sure i never crossed your mind.

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