Hello everyone.

Today is the 16th day of the 30 days writing challenge (created by @themermaidwriter). Let's get started.

Day 16 - Make a list of five things to be grateful

1. My sister

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We're so different, but that's what makes every day more special. We get to talk about anything and she's the one who can make me extremely annoyed and laugh a lot. I also love going on adventures with her.
She's awesome and confident (the opposite of me lol), but she's someone I look up to, because she can handle a lot of things in her favour.

2. My friends

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Yes, I highly value my friends. Be it online or irl, they are amazing. They are understanding, kind, fun to be around with, and I miss them.
Dealing with all sorts of things in life, I made this huge mistake of distancing myself too much. Now the only active friend I've got is someone online. And I couldn't be more thankful to know her.
Though, I do miss my friends a lot. And if I could get to spend just one more day with them, I would give anything.

3. Music

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What would life be without music?

Something very monotonous, that's for sure. Often, I find myself humming a song, having a stuck in my head or plugging headphones/earphones in my phone just to listen to some songs. As I said in one of my previous posts, I listen to mostly anything. I think it's good to have songs to alter, so it doesn't get boring listening to the same artist/genre. That's why I'm grateful that music exists in all forms. And even in nature!

4. Forests

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I'm obsessed with forests. I mean, trees, places to explore, interesting sounds coming from everywhere, fresh air, a place you could let you mind wander and find all sorts of interesting ideas, flowers, animals and plants! I feel comfortable when I'm near or in forests. They are so amazing and mysterious.

5. Internet

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Of course, I would include the internet here, or else I wouldn't have this opportunity of posting this article. Bless you, internet, for being created and giving us all the services we need. You are indeed the best (and the worst at the same time, in some situations).

Thanks for reading!

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