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my last article:


just love it a lot. tess means summer and harvester

i always love this name, when i was younger i wanted to change my name to evi. recently i met a girl called evi and she made the name less likeable for me, sadly. it means giving life

this name screams spring for me. it makes me smile. the meaning is counselor and sage wise

my all time fav show character is serena vanderwoodsen, i love her (and blake lively) with my whole heart. serena means serene and calm

peyton reminds me of the jessie actress peyton list, i loved her so much when i was younger. it means edele and fighter

a friend of mine is called kate and she is just the sweetest girl. the name means pure which i think fits perfectly

hailey means hero which i think is soo cute

i don't know why i love this name so much but i really do love it. the meaning is bloom

summer gives me such happy vibes! it means born during the summer


the first heard time i heard this name was in the movie 'the best of me', that movie is one of my faves. it means beloved son

i think tommy is such a cute name. i do think it's kinda childish, but that's just my opinion. tommy means twin

luca reminds me of italy, don't really know why. last summer i met a guy called luca, he's really fun. haven't talked to him in a while tho. luca means light

this name is such a basic, but still i like it a lot. it means the first man

tyler posey. that's all i have to say. the meaning is one (1)

theo james! i know it's his last name, but i love love love him. all time crush. james means replaces

i love this name, i can't remember when i first heard it but i know it's because of a movie. it means servant

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