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This article is all about feeling good in the morning. Get ready and I hope you'll find some inspiration to make your (sun/satur)day even more worth it.




7:30 AM, get up early

Wake up! I know it sounds awful for the ones who like to sleep as long as they can (like me lol), but when you get up early (like 7:30 in the morning) you have the whole day to do things you like!

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7:35 AM, drink cold water

Drinking cold water helps you to wake up + to stay hydrated. It feels refreshing, and the bad morning taste is gone! (You also feel more like eating breakfast which is good, because breakfast is the most important meal of the day!)

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7:45 AM, make your bed

If you make your bed the proper way, your rooms looks much cleaner, and you feel super motivated. This is the first thing I always used to do, and I really need to pick that up again. It helped me feel calm and my room looked super tidy! If your room is a mess when you wake up you'll feel bad during the morning/day, so make sure to clean it up before going to bed.

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7:45 AM, do some exercises

After you made your bed, grab your sports clothing, and do some exercises. Not too much, because your body still needs to wake up a bit. Here are some mini workouts for in the morning ;) (don't do it all when you didn't eat yet!)

8:05 AM, don't forget breakfast!

Breakfast is very important! Eat some delicious pancakes for example, or drink your favourite smoothie.

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8:45 AM, get in that shower girl!

Give yourself some 'me time' and relax while you take a shower, or go for a bath once in a while. Treat yourself with luxurious showergels, a mask etc. And if you take a bath, grab your favourite book and get in the world of reading. Hmmm that's how a good morning feels.

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9:30 AM, time to get away :)

Pick a cute or your favourite outfit, get your make-up or anything else done if you want to, grab a camera or your phone and go outside! You still have two and a half hours of a great morning! There are lots of ways to spend the morning, just do something fun, active, or just walk/ride your bike to somewhere or someting. It's great with any kind of camera (you can also use your phone) to can capture moments so you never forget them!

I looove taking pictures so that's why I say that you should bring your camera everywhere you go, but just do the things you like, and you'll even forget to use it (like I do, oops!)

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That's it for this weeks article. If you want to see or read more, check my 'Article collection' if you want!


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