The man with the costume

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I heard horses, the few still here. What beautiful creatures. They were so imposing and nice at the same time. They were sent to the countryside. Poor animals. I just hope they’ll be in good health.

I was standing alone in the empty street. I saw two cars, two beauties. And I was in front of them. That only made me want to drive them.

My father passed onto me the passion of being a mechanic. As a result, I wanted to create cars or do something about them. But that was an illusion. I just passed an interview. As if I would be chosen, I wasn’t making ideas. The closest job was secretary. Not that I hoped to do this kind of job but it was only the beginning. I had to be optimistic but father used to say that I was pessimistic.

I made a struggling face. Would they even called me back ? I wasn’t sure. My hands were shaking. I needed something. I was getting cold. Then I saw the pub and I decided.

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I entered in the pub. It was around 6 p.m. The few people, who were there, looked at me strangely. What was the problem ? Well, I was a woman. Simply a woman. Furthermore, a woman in bar at 6 p.m.

I didn’t know either why I was here. Actually I did. But I knew that I couldn’t go back. All that looks were judging me. As if. I could do the same.

I walked to the counter . I sat. The waiter asked me what I wanted. “Nothing but peace” I thought, “Something strong“ I said instead. Almost the same from my opinion. Then the barman took a bottle of alcohol. “No, I meant a strong coffee, sorry“ I smiled.

I looked around me. The waiter in front of me was a bit old I presumed because of his white hair. Or maybe it was my imagination. I wasn’t okay. Too much stress.

My eyes were observing everything that they could. There were two men near the vitrine who were drinking a beer. They looked rich with their expensive watch on their wrist, with their chic suits and their structured hair. Their bags were standing next to them. Perhaps they took a break.

Then, my eyes landed on a man just sitting few chairs on my right. He looked calm. Probably in his thoughts. He had a cup of tea. Strange, I wasn’t the only one who didn’t take alcohol. He was making no noise as I could confound him with a statue.

“What ?“ I blenched. Someone told me something or was I going insane ? “You’re staring at me“ the voice said. The man turned his head on my direction. Right, he was talking to me, it wasn’t my imagination.

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“I’m sorry, what ?“ I replied. The man raised one’s eyebrows. “You’re staring at me since earlier“ he said, with a form of smile on his lips. “Me ? No." I looked at him in the eyes, “Well, maybe. I don’t realise it actually. It’s just that the fact that you don’t touch your cup is a bit strange.“ I replied with a quiet voice. I drank a sip of coffee and a second in order to calm me back. I was turning the cup in stress. “I’m waiting the tea to get colder.“ he answered back. “As you want“

I couldn’t control my curiosity, thus my words came out, “What are you doing here ?“ Immediately after asking him this stupid question I regretted it. “Well miss, you sure are a very curious and talkative woman“ he said “But I like it, you’re honest“ he waited on. “ I am waiting a meeting for affair “ he told me with a neutral voice. An affair he said. I thought of business men. He hadn’t the appearance of a rich and busy man. There was no watch around his wrist contrary to the men near the vitrine. I turned and I saw them speaking with a serious face as their wrinkles stand out. They gave me the impression that they never smiled. But not the man seating next to me. He had a smart and sad look that reminded me someone I knew. “And you ?“ he glanced me and got me out of my deep thoughts. Normally I wouldn’t tell the truth but since his face was familiar I didn’t want to lie. “Well I had an interview in order to be secretary don’t know“ I said hesitating. He looked me as he scrutinized "You know why“ he said calmly and he drank his tea. I closed my eyes for a second. How could he know ? “I hope that they’ll engaged someone else. It’s not like I have not the competencies but I have this project. A fabulous one that I desire the most“ I smiled passionately, with sparkles in my eyes. “Then, you know what to do“ he replied, with a smile this time. “Absolutely, thank you sir !“ I paid the man and I went out of the pub. I ran energetically to my aim.

Six years later

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The bells of the door rang. A new client. Tommy, a friend that often helped me with the arrivals, welcomed the person. He took care of the shop and me. He had been the first one after my arrival to be nice with me.

It was the morning. I woke up sooner than usual. I had a weird dream about a cup and a tea. There was this shadow floating around the hot liquid. And I was admiring the dancing shadow less dark than the others. It had something more bright, something with its look.

It was a woman that entered in the room. She wore a flowery dress. It suited with her short curly blond hair. I knew by seeing Tommy’s face that he was running out of subjects. I left aside my notes and approached her. As I stand near her she smiled and began to talk “Hello, excuse me to disturb you but my father needs help.“ she almost jumped. She looked nervous and a bit young now that I was thinking about it. “He has a problem with the car. I need to talk to your responsible !“ she exclaimed. “I am“ I almost laughed. She had a surprised expression as every person that learnt this information.

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I followed her and I went out. Smoke was going out of the capot. “You’re the garage owner ?“ he asked “Yes, it is me“ she said, gladly. The man hadn’t a reaction. “You don’t look surprised, why ?“ The man raised an eyebrow and replied with a neutral voice "Why would I be ?“ He marked a point. I opened my mouth and I closed it. He seemed so familiar.

After three hours of hard work and pleasant time for the clients, the car was ready. I passed a great time in my workshop. I really had no regret about my choice. My father supported me as well as my mother. She wanted me to have a stable job but we convinced her to let me do as I wished and thankfully, she did.

“"How much do I shall you ?" “Well seventy pounds please mister“ I answered. “how long have you worked here ?“ he asked, probably to have a conversation. “Well, three years I think. The beginning was hard but it’s better now. I’m glad to have a work I totally love“ I said passionately “I’m sorry, I’m too talkative. And you ?“ I blushed. “Don’t worry, my daughter is like you, always talking. And I’m a business man. You know, many affairs and work but anyway“ I nodded.

Tommy was playing with the girl. He gave me a bright smile and I turned it back. “You should invite him“ the man said. “What ! Tommy ? No, he’s a friend.“ I started to deny but he interrupted me “I blame him“ he waited on “A brilliant woman incapable to accept his love“ he smiled, maliciously. Was he making fun of me ? Or flirting with me ? I bite my lower lip. I looked at Tommy but he was still playing with the man’s daughter. What an adorable adult. He would be a good father. As the client I guess. And I would be Tommy’s wife. I wasn’t sure if that what I wanted. “Wife“ I thought.

And the man’s wife. What about her ? “And your wife ?“ I asked coldly. The man lost his smile and he emplaced it with a familiar sad look. “She’s dead“ I regretted my ton. “I’m sorry“ he looked away “It’s not your fault. Actually it is nobody’s fault. She died few days after Daisy’s birth. The doctors said she lost too much blood“ He observed his creation. His expression began to be less nostalgic and more joyful. “Thanks to my Daisy I’m still alive. I don’t know what I would have done if I had lost both of her.“ His deep voice, his intense look, his face, his body and above all, his sad eyes.

He looked at me again and I remembered. He wasn’t just a familiar person. “I know you“ I simply said. “I was thinking of when you would recognise me miss. My name’s Matthew and you ?” I couldn’t breath as i was punched by a million of fists. With a huge effort words came out “Olivia but my friends call me Oly“.

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