you like music without vocals,
i love analyzing lyrics.
your dad died before you graduated,
i'm living only with my dad since i'm 8 years old.
you tend to overthink and get paranoid,
i tend to ignore and stay naive.

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you're into mechanics,
i'm into psychology.
you rely on your intuition and standards,
i'm trying to figure things out different every time.
you like designing and building things,
i got no practical skills and prefer words.

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you want to stay in the same house you grew up in,
i wanted to get away from home since i'm thirteen.
you prefer movies,
i like to binge on blockbusters.
you like to keep things minimalistic,
i'm collecting everything i get.
you got dark hair and brown eyes,
i got blonde hair and grey eyes.

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you have a group of good longterm friends,
i usually hang out with people i'm still getting to know.
you like your food plain and simple,
i like to cook with as many ingredients as possible.
you got well thought out routines,
i'm living chaotically from day to day.

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you like spending more for better quality,
i'm always looking for the cheapest option.
you're working overtime,
i'm a pro procrastinator.
you're so considerate and worry too much,
i couldn't care less.
i'm yin,
you're yang.

will we complement each other or will our contrasts keep us apart?

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