DAY 13:

Helllllooo! Right now I’m listening to a song called Panic Room – Au/Ra. Definitely go check it out, it’s a really good song.

What am I excited about? I’m excited about soooo many things. Honestly I’m just excited to grow up. I know that I have it amazing right now, I don’t have to pay and bills, I have a house to live in… but I’m still really excited to grow up/to turn 18. ‘cause that means I can move, not in a way that I don’t wanna be here anymore, just that I really want to see everything that the world has to offer. I am excited about the future…my future.

I’m just so excited about everything that is yet to come…and that I will be happy doing whatever I will be doing.

I really don’t know what else to write here. A lot of the times I’m just excited for a day to day things.

Sorry, it’s really short.
If you did read, thank you
Love, K

Day 13 // 18.03.2018 // 17:19