So recently I've had to come to terms that I'm finally throwing a few long lasting relationships away. Which In all honesty I'm not hurt at this point through all the cruelness and the hatefulness I've experienced with these girls it is a relief to get rid of their negative energy. Of course the way these friendships officially died ended with a bang which isn't a surprise knowing these girls are petty and catty. I expect nothing less than this because they are rude, stuck up, and get everything they want. But with that said there is no denying that I did not appreciate the way it went down considering it was where everyone could see on social media and it was really personal. The fact that I'm not in the group anymore though I'm proud to admit that this time I really. Truly. Don't care. I hope that they are satisfied with their sad and exhausting lives where the only mode of entertainment is seeing if they can hurt people's feelings and get a reaction out of that. Which with me. They didn't. Sorry bout ya but I don't care what you think it really doesn't bother me and I hope that bothers you. I hope that it irritates you every time you try to tear me down and I just sit there smiling and watching you struggle while you try to find a way to hurt me. Because let me tell you something unless you come after someone I love or you physically hurt me there is no way in heck I will be bothered by what you do. It's that simple. And I have something I want to say to all of you other girls out there crying at night or stressing out about if your friends are truly your friends and if they care about you. Stop. Everything your doing, stop. Wipe up your tears and look in the mirror. Tell yourself you are worth it. Because you are. And I know how hard that is to believe to be honest I still don't believe it sometimes. But I do know that I will not continue to take people's crap and excuse it with "we have been friends forever it's ok" "oh she's just like that" "she's in a bad mood". If you keep excusing their behavior not only will it get worse but it will never stop. People don't change until you show them they are in the wrong and even then some people can't take a hint. In those situations excuse yourself instead of their behavior and go find mature people who will love you for you and will care for you and your well being. I'm telling you right now it's not always easy. But its always worth it. I had to end a relationship and it took that for my "best friend" t start caring AND EVEN THEN SHE DID STUFF BEHIND MY BACK AND STILL TREATED ME LIKE CRAP. That's when the line is drawn. And it's permanent. Please do it for yourself and stop talking to those girls or even guys, stop hanging out with them, block or unfollow them on social media. Just remove them from your life as much as possible even if you see them at school or at work at least when you go home you won't be bothered with their attitudes. You might be scared and that's why you're second guessing it and that's why you are still in the relationship. But I"m telling you to wake up make a difference and better your life because I know you want to look back on these years and be happy on how it turned out and not wishing you could go back and change how it went down.

That's all I have for today thank you for reading and I really hope this helped for the people that are in the same kind of situation I was in. Bye my lovelies!!!!