Five Ways to Keep Your House Clean

1. Don't pile up your dirty clothes
When living on your own it is sometimes hard to keep your house clean. The first step to take is that you need to be consequent. Do your laundry three times a week, instead of once a week a lot of dirty laundy. It is better to do one or two dirty washes at a time. This will leave your room cleaner and your clothes will be sooner in your closet, so you can wear them again.

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2. Keep the smell fresh
I live in an one-room-apartment, which means I have my bed- and livingroom in one room and the kitchen. The room can get smelly quickly.

I only have a small window that can be opened, but in the winter it's just freaking cold. To keep the room fresh it's smart to buy some strong scented candles that will fill your room with a fresher smell. There are also other options such as a diffuser or if you want to freeze to death you can always try to open the window anyway!

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3. Try to clean at least once or twice a week
It's important to vacuum your room once or twice a week. Also it is the best if you set a routine to do the dishes every night. Your room will give you a better vibe this way. I don't like to do the dishes, but doing it every day helps a lot. Just put on some music or put on your favourite serie and you are good to go. Try to set yourself a routine when to clean, because this gives you a better insight and a goal.

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4. Make your bed
When you wake up and get out of your bed, immediately make your bed! This gives your room a better vibe as well. A clean bed will give you a more clean mind and it gives you the idea that you already have cleaned something today. Your room looks a lot better as well when your bed is made and it will decrease the chance that you get back in bed.

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5. Make a schedule
I know it's not always fun to make a cleaning schedule, but it will clear your mind and gives you an insight on what you have to do.

You can, for example, choose to do laundry on monday, wednesday and friday; vacuum on tuesday and thursday and do the dishes every night. It's important to clean your sheets weekly, because it makes you feel more clean as a person as well!

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Lots of love,