In this article I will show you what is on my bucket list. There are a lot of things that I want to do have fun reading ♡

➳ 1.

going to new york.
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➳ 2.

meet Ariana.
ariana, meet and greet, and dangerous woman image

➳ 3.

going to the bahamas .
blonde, braid, and curly hair image

➳ 4.

learn how to surf
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➳ 5.

visit hawaii.
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➳ 6.

swim with dolphins
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going to coachella
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➳ 8.

visit greece
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➳ 9.

celebrate new years eve in America
fireworks, light, and new year image

Thankyou for reading my bucket list. I hope you like this article. New article soon! ♡