I love traveling and especially traveling in Europe. When someone mentions Europe, people immediately think of cities like Paris, London, Rome, Berlin, Amsterdam and so on. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love those cities, but I wanna show you these other European cities that deserve as much attention as the most well known cities.


Temporarily removed Temporarily removed estonia, quote, and tallinn image tallinn, cafe, and estonia image
capital of Estonia


bergen, colorful buildings, and norway image bergen, city, and norway image bergen, building, and norway image bergen, norway, and white house image
city in Norway // all pics are taken by me


beautiful, Best, and cool image geneva image chocolate, christmas, and food image amazing, buildings, and city image
city in Switzerland


architecture image Image removed andalucia, beach, and coast image travel and spain image
city in Spain


church, pretty, and sky image Temporarily removed autumn, beautiful, and capital image fin, finland, and helsinki image
capital of Finland // I live here<3


crete, europe, and sea image Greece, mediterranean sea, and crete image Temporarily removed sea, chania, and Greece image
a small city in the island of Crete

There are a lot more underrated cities in Europe, but these ones I've been in and really loved them.

Thank you for reading xx