1.Wake up at 8am

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I'm always awake early and then I check my phone for a little while

2. 8:15

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At 8:15 I get out of bed and get myself a cup of coffee and I make some oatmeal

3. 8:30

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After I'm done with eating I watch my favorite series on netflix

4. 10:00

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Washing your face and brushing your teeth is verry important so don't forget that

5. 10:15

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After brushing my teeth I make myself ready for the gym and

6. 11:00

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At 11am I'm in the gym and I train for 1h to 1h50. After I'm done I take the bus back home and wash myself

So this was my Saturday morning, I hope you had a wonderful morning and that you enjoyed reading this. ♡

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