Hey, one of the articles I have most seen in We Heart It is: how to study, organice studies or concentrate. I wanted to do one, but I also wanted you to have real facts so I searched and discovered some scientific facts that are proof, so technically if you follow this steps you should concentrate while studying a lot more.โšก๏ธ


When youโ€™re doing homework or studying there three types of problems the easy, the medium and the difficult ones. When youโ€™re studying you should start with the medium ones then the difficult and finally the easy ones.

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Tidy your desk. I mean itโ€™s obvious but for example if youโ€™re going to study just have a pen or pencil and your notes. Itโ€™s really important and it helps. PROMISE!!

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Another obvious fact, plan what youโ€™re going to do,the time you have and your teory.

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You have to put yourself affordable goals. I mean donโ€™t think you can study 10 themes of different subjects in one night (if you are one of those kids that have a BRILLIANT brain THIS TIP IS NOT FOR YOU)

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Scientists have calculated that the maximum of time you can stay concentrate are 25 minutes after all this time of studying you should have breaks of 5 minutes. In this 5 minutes you should relax(donโ€™t sleep), drink water, let your eyes relax, stand up...

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Drink water, if the body is dehydrated 1,5% or 2% your mind will be deconcentrated.

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Study aloud. This helps you memorize because you can hear it and also see it.

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Flash cards. This helps a lot, itโ€™s not a scientific fact but at least it helped me a lot.

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This are all the tips for today... I have lots of exams but I will finish them soon and then Iโ€™ll try to post at least one article each week. Donโ€™t miss them๐Ÿ–ค

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