Describe 10 pet peeves that you have


When something touches me when I am swimming in the sea. This is so scary.

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I don't understand why so many people pretend to be someone else. Fake people pity me because they don't dare to be themselves. Sometimes they used to be someone lese so much that they don't even remember who they really are.

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People who smoke in my area. I don't like the smell, and it sticks to your clothes. Many of them do not care if you are not a smoker but they should ask, because some people have lungs problems so they want to avoid the smoke.

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Racisme : I can't even understand how people can hate someone without knowing him/ her, juste because of the skin color, the look or whathever. Other people have so much to teach us, and other cultures are so amazing to discover! How can people be so close-minded ?

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People that listen to music very loud with their headphones in the subway. That's disrespectful. What if we don't like your music ?

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Girls that think their are Instagram famous because they have 1 000 followers. I think it's a bit ridiculous, and Instagram isn't a competition.

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People that use too much hashtags on Instagram. That's not aesthetic. And this is useless.

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Carrots. I like the colors, but not the taste. And there was always carrots in school's cafeteria.

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Lack of culture : People should learn so manythings before criticizing. Read books, go to museums, chill online... There are so many ways to open your mind to so many subjects. I see no reasons to be ignorant about averything.

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People that are doing fashion studies just because "this sounds cool". This is not just a degree. You have to go deep to make something new and amazing. You always have to question yourself, to look for new things to get inspired of. It is not just drawing things that you saw online.

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