Welcome to my new article!
Today it's going to be another outfits of the week, so here is my third outfits of the week article.

  • monday
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At Monday I wore basic black jeans, fitted green tshirt and black adidas jacket. I also put my hair in a ponytail.
  • tuesday
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Weather at tuesday was a little bit better than the other days so I wore a skirt. I was all in black, black skirt with zip in front and black tshirt. Later I put on a cute grey sweater with pearls instead of buttons. Oh, and I curled my hair.
  • wednesday
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At Wednesday I wore dark blue haigh waisted skinny jeans with light brown crop sweater. And my new leather jacket that I absolutely love!
  • thursday
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At thursday I wore black jeans, flowy green tshirt and cute bralette under it.
  • friday
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At Friday I wore blue skinny jeans with an almost see through black tshirt. It is not actually see through it's just made from a really light fabric. And black bra underneath.

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Also I am really sorry for some mistakes that I could make, but English is not my first language.