There is something special about going to the library or a book store and picking that one book. You choose it because it speaks to you. You are instantly intrigued by it and can't wait to go to your favourite spot (wherever that might be) and start reading it. When you open it you fall in a complitley different world. In the world where you forget about all your problems, they dont exist there, everything just disappers. You think about things you never thought before. You amagine the characters, what do they look ike? how do they feel? what would they be like in real life? you can relate to their stories. You don't care what is happening around you. You just sit there with your mind trapped in another world, a world that is only yours and only you can understand it. Another thing that i love about books is that their like time machines. You can travel in the past, present or the future. You can be in any country in the world, anywhere in the universe. You are happy there. Damn... I wish I could stay there forever.
I hope you liked my article.