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You left me waiting, again. How many times will I fall for your tricks. How many times will I let you charm me, How many times will I fall. I can't answer these questions now as I'm sitting here waiting for you to call, text, anything. You lead me on and I give in. You make me smile and laugh and yet her I am sad and lonely. People say were good together but is that what I really think. Is that what you think. Do these people tell you the same things they tell me. I can't be sure. I can't be sure of how you fell. I can't be sure of how your mind works. I can't be sure about anything with you. You feel like a blur. Like a passing star. Your there and I'm happy and then you're gone.

You always greet me with a smile, I like that about you. No matter what darkness is trying to get to you, you smile. You look at me with those brown eyes that are so soft and full of emotion and I can't speak. I Don't want to speak. I want to look into them forever. I want to be the one that lights them up, that can make you smile. I want to be the one you turn to when you need someone. I want to be the person you can count on but I'm not. I'm left on the back shelf waiting for you to text me back. Waiting for you to say let's get out of here. I'm always stuck waiting and I'm afraid I will always be.