Why should we love life?

Many people say that persons who kill themselves are weak but, are they? Is it weakness to have the courage to do something to get out of a life in which you feel miserable ? Everybody say "step up for yourself" but isn't it "stepping up for yourself" to stand up to life and say no to suffering? If something have more bad consequences for you than advantages, isn't it logical to let it go ? I'm so confused about why society want us so much to live when at the same time it really don't do anything to make life appealing. It's like it's just a norm. The "enjoy life" shit. There's a ton of quotes that people say when you feel like shit, "you have just one life", "you have to enjoy it", "life is beautiful". But do they ever give a good reason to "enjoy life"? No, because there isn't. I mean, ok we only have one but that's not a reason. I'm not saying that we should all kill ourselves, I'm just saying, we don't know. We don't know if "living" is something we should cherish above everything else, even our happiness. We don't know shit about our world actually, about life itself. We don't know why we exist. We don't know where we come from or where we're heading to.

I'm sorry if this text seems depressing, I don't mean to encourage anyone to suicide or self-harm but I just feel like I need to say how I feel about all of this and well, if I talk about this to anyone I know they'll freak out thinking I want to harm myself. If you share my opinion or want to discuss it feel free to send me a post card :)

Also, sorry if my english is not perfect, I'm French :)