Hello Readers, welcome to my article. This is just going to be a short overview of John Green's latest book 'Turtles All The Way Down'. I hope you enjoy!


Turtles All The Way Down is a young adult fiction book written by American author John Green. It is his sixth book overall. The book follows sixteen-year-old Aza as she pursues the mystery of shady billionaire Russel Pickett. She and her friend Daisy try to solve the mystery.

The book isn't only a mystery though. It's also a mental health book. The main character, Aza, suffers from OCD and anxiety. Throughout the book, Green really takes you into the mind of this young character. She feels herself spiraling and no one around her fully understands what she's going through.

In a lot of moments, I found myself almost crying. The book was a low-key emotional rollercoaster. You have this character who's clearly hurting and then you add on college and friendship and a possible relationship. A lot of people say they were bored throughout this book, but personally, I think this was one of my favorites from Green.

John Green is an amazing author who really makes you feel something when you read. That's one reason why I love his books. They put you into this whole new world of emotions. It takes a special kind of writer to do that.

Overall rating for this book would be 9/10. I give it a nine because if I'm being completely honest, I needed more from the ending. The book was really good though and I would definitely recommend that others read it.

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