It's been a while since I have written in you dear diary
I saw him again at the lake last night he was with some of his friends playing around. I don't think he recognized me its been five years since we saw each other and a lot has changed ever since. Sometimes I wish we could just still be together but I know that won't happen he made his decision and I made mine. I miss him? no... maybe a little bit when the song that used to be ours comes up in the radio I feel broken like if I am a mirror that has just been broken into tiny little pieces. Maybe it was the words he said to me that get me very emotional maybe it was the way he kissed me that made my heart feel warm. Well time has passed and I have moved on into the next chapter of my life, I have made new friends, new memories , and I have met someone else and is this new person like him? No he is very different in all senses I am happy with him, now I won't commit the same mistakes.