So hello
today I want to inspire you yeah you sitting/laying/Standing there wherever you are.
I don't know anything about you or your life
but in some way we are all the same
and then in so many other ways we are diffrent.

But today I want to talk about fear.

We all fear the opinions of others.
Maybe the opinion of one Person.
Maybe the opinion of everybody.

We shouldn't.
Let us be
Let us live
Let us breathe

We lost so many
We loved so many
We hated so many ...

But in the end
you and your opinion of yourself
matter the most
even when you are alone
and you don't have anybody
or you will loose everybody
just remember
to put yourself
and your character

your sould on the very first place.

You can't love
if you
put yourself
on the
last place that exists.

You don't have to impress anybody
because in the end
you will stand there alone
and you will
regret everything you haven't done
more then the
Things you did

So just breathe

and now