Dear readers, here's another article about outfits, this time about cheap but still nice outfits.
I'll write all the places where you can go and find nice items to wear. Please use good imagination, you could find something that doesn't look perfect at first sight but will look amazing if transformed a bit or matched with something else.


H&M, black, and shop image

H&M is my favorite brand. I always find something to buy for less than 15$.
I know it's becoming a bit more expensive but there are still sales and I always go there when there are sales.
TIP: go to the men floor, there are few items perfect for girls as well, like oversized t-shirts + don't ask me why but I have the feeling it's cheaper than the women floor.


grunge and tumblr image

Ok, believe me, this brand has the cutest clothes ever! from summer floral dresses to colorful phone cases.
TIP: look everywhere, in the smallest corners, on the short shelves,...


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Asos is an online shop where you can find literally everything and there are accessories, clothes, and jewelry from a lot of brands. There are items really expensive but also a lot that is really cheap.


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this online shop is amazing! I love it because there are so many cheap items but what I always look for on sheIn are shoes.
I'm a short girl who loves high heels... SheIn is my paradise, trust me, don't be afraid of buying online. I ordered so many items on SheIn and everything always arrived safe and sound.

This is everything for now. I hope you like it and contact me in case you have a request for some special article :)