1. Simon Lewis (Shadow Hunters, played Alberto Rosende)

simon lewis, shadowhunters, and alberto rosende image Image removed quotes, afraid, and aesthetic image Image removed

2. Kara Denvers (Supergirl, played Melissa Benoist)

DC, Supergirl, and tv image Image removed super girl, Supergirl, and dc comics image Supergirl, melissa benoist, and kara denvers image

3. Mon El (Supergirl, played Chris Wood)

Image removed chris, new, and Supergirl image alex, kara, and Melissa image Image removed

4. Nancy Wheeler (Stranger Things, played Natalia Dyer)

strangerthings and nancywheeler image stranger things, finn wolfhard, and natalia dyer image Image removed stranger things, natalia dyer, and nancy wheeler image

5. Isaac Lahey (Teen Wolf, played Daniel Sharman)

tw, daniel sharman, and isaac lahey image tw, daniel sharman, and isaac lahey image teen wolf, daniel sharman, and isaac lahey image Image removed