Hey guys♥ I'm turning fifteen next month so I thought I'm gonna tell you 15 facts about me
1. I don't really like school but my favourite subjects are english, sport and soon actingclass
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2. I love going for walk while listenig to music on full volume, thinking about life and everything thats going on and discovering new little spots in the forest
Image by Aneli Kuschi
this picture is me to 100% :)
3. I like drawing little things or doodeling although i'm not the best
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not my own drawings but they kinda describe my stle idk
4. I like a lot of music but my favourite bands/ artists are Artic Monkeys, Lana del rey, The 1975, The Neighbourhood, Eden, blackbear, Jaymes Young, Nirvana, Twenty One pilots, Panic! At the disco, Chase Atlantic, Marshmello, Troye sivan, XXXTENACTION, Post Malone, G- Eazy, Logic, Eminem, Khalid, Ansel Elgort, Harry Stiles and a lot more
lana del rey, arctic monkeys, and grunge image nirvana, kurt cobain, and grunge image music, grunge, and the 1975 image the neighbourhood image
5. I love dogs♥
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7. My favourite colours are black, rosa and iceblue
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8. I have a boyfriend♥
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9. I have three older siblings
10. I love eating but I would always choose a fruit bowl over junk food although I love pizza and burger
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10. I spend a lot of time watching movies and series on netflix
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11. I love drinking tea in the evening ( New York Chai is my fav♥)
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12. I want to travel the world
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13. I can be a loud and super positive person who laughs a lot but I can also be a little shy and insecure but myself
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14. I love writing storys
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15. My favourite season is summer
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ok so these are just 15 random facts about me hope you liked it