Hey Folks !

So I'm doing the Get To Know Me Challenge created by @TypicalGirl48. With that challenge you'll get to know me a little more. Here's the list of questions I'll be answering.

If you want to see Day 16 about my 5 greatest accomplishments:

I hope you'll enjoy !

What is the thing you most wish you were great at?

I have two things:

Know how to sing

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I find it beautiful when someone is covering a song and making it it's own, adding your special touch to it.
I wish I could do that.

Some people just have a voice that can take you somewhere else you know ?

Play the guitar

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The guitar soothe me, I find it very relaxing and peaceful. Also I usually love acoustic versions of songs.

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I think that having friends with amazing voices and a lot of talent in music doesn't help. For example I have one close friend that plays the guitar, the ukulele, the piano, the cello and can sing beautifully, it's just breathtaking.

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