Hi guys, today I make an article about the cities contained in the letters of my name showing you photos. I hope you like the idea.
For those who had not read the previous articles my name is Elena and is of Italian origin.
  • E_Edinburgh
photography, city, and vintage image scotland, city, and edinburgh image
  • L_London
london, Big Ben, and england image book, london, and city image
  • E_Eilat
eid, family, and holiday image girl, night, and summer image
  • N_Naples
girl, fashion, and summer image beautiful, Island, and napoli image
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  • A_Amsterdam
Temporarily removed moon, city, and night image

I really enjoyed writing it and I hope you enjoyed reading it.

I hope it inspired you.

This is all for the article!
Thank you so much for the readings! give it a heart :)

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Until next time.

Love, Hellen