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Today I decided to post the first tag for #PluieDeSentiments. If you don’t know about the project, you can find the article here.

Basically, this tag includes writing a list of things you love or things that make you happy. Noha and I will go first, and we hope people will start joining soon!

♥ noha’s lovely list

1 | my family and schoolfriends

My family’s always there, every day, hour and minute. They’re a source of positive energy and inspiration. They encourage me and support me to move forward in life, and I am very thankful for that.

Friends or schoolfriends have a big place in my small heart too. I want to thank them for the confidence they give me, for their love, but also for their support at school during the good and bad moments.

2 | food

I adore food! It's something that makes me very happy. My favorite food is pizza or anything called fast food, because I'm a teen for something, right? I also love to eat cake and ice cream.

3 | music

I love music because it gives me confidence and makes me feel free. I'm obsessed with pop and r&b.

4 | pamper routine

It makes me feel so calm and good. I'm obsessed with the hot water and the essential oils, and not to forget the cute scented candles.

5 | reading

I can’t even explain this clearly. I adore reading books at night, they give me fantastic dreams and some great ideas for writing on WHI.

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6 | movies and tv shows

Well, I'm obsessed with watching movies and tv shows. My favorite tv show is Riverdale and my favorite movie is Beastly. I know the last one is old but it’s so good!

7 | beauty products

I adore beauty products. I know every girl loves beauty products but not like me lol. They make my skin feel so soft.

8 | wb and disney movies

When I watch wb or disney movies, I always remember my childhood, which makes me feel so good. I really want to go back to my childhood in my mind when I see them.

9 | fall in love

Indeed, fall in love! I adore the crazy feelings when I fall in love. I can’t explain it, but it's a real golden feeling.

10 | talking

I love to talk with everybody, with sweet strangers, with family, with friends, and of course with the lovely people on WHI that make me feel so happy!

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♥ paulien’s lovely list

1 | music

It’s my personal lifesaver. I can’t go a day without listening to some music. At times it makes me forget the bad days, but sometimes it also makes my good days even better!

My music genre literally goes from punk rock to disney soundtrack, so I have a tune for every moment.

2 | my family and friends

I know it’s somehow cliché to add to the list, but they are very important people in my life. Especially now, when I’m living at two places at a time. They’re my true home. I really appreciate their support and love, their time and space, their stories and adventures.

3 | the sun

The sun can change my mood in seconds. It’s something so simple, yet so important. The winterblues can have a great effect on me, so a bit of sunshine can be really helpful to me.

4 | disney movies

They make me feel so happy. Plus, almost every disney movie has a certain meaning to me. The Lion King reminds me of my little brother. Mulan was my favorite disney movie when I was a child, and it reminds me to stay strong. Big Hero 6 is my recent favorite disney movie, because it has so many great messages.

5 | milk chocolate

Does this really need an explanation?

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6 | daydreaming

Sometimes I’m impressed by the stories I still come up with. My imagination runs wild, but I’m totally fine with that.

7 | pasta

Yes, you read it right. Italian food in general is just amazing, but pasta is definitely my favorite!

8 | car rides

At times I can’t help to feel sad when I arrive at the destination. Why? Because car rides are perfect for daydreaming, listening to tons of music, funny family moments and so on.

9 | deep conversations

The connection you feel with the person you’re talking to is just incredible. I really crave that kind of bond, friendship or relationship.

10 | black and white pictures

This is a bit strange to add to this list, yet I couldn’t help it. There’s something about black and white pictures that makes me look longer at them. Somehow I believe it makes you see the soul of people, instead of just the outside.

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Love, Paulien and Noha.

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