Hello everyone! Thanks for clicking! I really want to start a 'Love Myself' series of articles and post more about how to be confident, be positive and many more.
But for now, let's get started with this one! :)

  • Your past doesn't matter

We all have something we're ashamed of doing in the past. But that's why it's called past - it's referring to something that had happened in a previous time. And honestly, what you have done before who you are now doesn't matter anymore and shouldn't matter to you.
Yes, you might think it could define you, but it's not true.
The past is past.
Stay focused on the present and make mistakes and just learn.

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  • Wear what you like!

Whether you're curvy, skinny, or got abs, you look amazing and clothes will do so, too, no matter what you choose. The most important thing about clothing and how to wear them is really just confidence. If you like that dress, wear it. If you like that suit, wear it and be damn proud 'cause you're a queen or king! :)
Never ever think of what the others will say about your outfit because their opinion is their opinion and should stay theirs.

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  • Spa days!

Honestly, spa days are so fun and relaxing to do!
It doesn't have to take action every night, but you could have one every 2-3 days or one day/week if it makes you happy.
Just applying a face mask and really just taking care of yourself will give you so much satisfaction and will make you feel so much better, giving you bonus confidence.

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  • Smile!

Smile, beautiful! Your smile lights up the world and just makes it a better place. Never shy away from smiling because that's one thing that looks the best on you (among other things!).

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  • Do things you love!

It is scientifically proven that when someone does the things he/she loves, it increases their moodlet and so it gives bonus points to the growth of confidence.
So...just do your own thing and be proud!

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  • Last, but not least... remember there's NO ONE LIKE YOU!

No matter what they say, everyone is beautiful and unique. Just because she has curly hair and you have straight hair doesn't make you less ugly. Everyone's equally beautiful.

Consider everyone a different type of flower. And honestly, what could be more beautiful than a world full of colorful, lovely flowers?

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