I just have two years of school left, and everyone is planning their future. Most of my friends want to do a gap year and so do I. I would like to go one year abroad after school and another year after I went to university (provided that I will go to university). So I have two years and it seems soo less time for what I want to do.

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I want to rent or even better buy a VW van and go on a Road Trip with my friends. I imagine lying on the deck of the van in a warm summernight near the sea in Italy and looking at the stars, while we're having deep conversations and after a while we all fall asleep. I know, in reality I will lay all night awake, because the ground is too hard. But that's okay. So I have more time to watch the stars or even see a shooting star. Honestly, I was in a similar situation like that and I saw three shooting stars in this night. That was amazing!

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I want to go Backpacking through South America with a friend or alone. I think, I'm going to do this after studying when I'm a bit older. I'm sure on this trip I will get to know me better. See how I react in certain situations. I think when you go alone you're more open to others and others are more likely to talk to a single stranger than to a big group. Also I think my basic knowledge in Spanish will help me and I hope I'm going to improve it.
I guess, this trip will be really challenging: finding a new place to sleep almost every two or three days, get along with just the most important things

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I want to take one year to be social. To help people, animals or the nature preferably in Africa. It's important to help others. Not just for them, also for my wellbeing. I'm sure, this will make me feel happier. I will learn to appreciate the small things in life, like having a house, education, food, clothes. All these things that are normal for me, but not for everybody in this world. And when I see this with my own eyes and not only in TV, it won't get out of my head and hopefully it will influence my daily life after this year, too.

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Now there is one continent left, I need to visit. Asia. It wouldn't be enough spending some days of my holidays there. I want to stay there for several months. I definitely have to visit Thailand, Tokyo, Singapore and the most important: India. I just love things that look oriental and I think in India I will find a lot of that. Also I'm really interested in Hinduism, although I'm not religious at all.

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Moreover I would really like to stay in France one year. Just to work there and learn surfing. Maybe I can work at a Surfing school, so I would get my lessons cheaper.

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Even the time for these trips will take more than two years and sometimes I forget about the money. Before I can go Backpacking, on a Roadtrip and to Asia I have to earn money. This will also cost a lot of time but I'm sure it's worth it.

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I hope you enjoyed my second article. I've never thought, that this would make so much fun and I have a lot more ideas about what I want to write and I can't wait to share it with you. And if you find any mistakes in my grammar or spelling. Please tell me ♥