Darcy is very dark and hypnotizing. Unlike the other Trix, she's more passive aggressive and cool. She's very subtle and can manipulate anyone to do as she wishes. Darcy loves exploring darkness and black magic. She has long brown hair and sometimes wears glasses. Darcy's signature color is violet, and she wears it a lot. She has lots of corsets, chokers, and boots, and often has her birthstone on her neck. Darcy has a crescent moon tattooed on her arm.

anime, trix, and cartoon image Inspiring Image on We Heart It nails image black, boots, and girl image makeup, eyeshadow, and tumblr image moon, retro, and 80s image fashion, girl, and style image beauty, hair, and blond image magic, pins, and purple image fashion, latex, and pvc image sunglasses and fashion image Devon Aoki, model, and actress image Image by 。・M.Ø・゚ anime, trix, and cartoon image