Icy is the leader of the Trix, very competitive and aggressive. She is manipulative, cold, and mean, so it's better not to cross her. Icy has a pale skin and long, bluish white hair on a high pony tail. For Icy, her style comes before comfort: she wears materials such as leather and latex and loves to wear thigh high boots. Her nails are super long and always done. Icy uses lots of cold tones in her makeup that go well with her white hair.

cartoon image ice, cold, and blue image Image removed shoes, fashion, and style image nails, rings, and tumblr image hair, grey, and tumblr image crystal, wallpaper, and purple image black, boots, and dior image blue, ice, and aesthetic image hair, braid, and hairstyle image ice, white, and grunge image Image by VOIDBOY hell, grunge, and white image cartoon, icy, and trix image