5?? I can give you 50 but 50% of it's a weird facts and i don't want you guys to be scared of me..

1) Perfume Hoe

chanel, perfume, and luxury image chanel, Prada, and perfume image
Well nothing wrong smelling good aite? For me smelling bad is a crime to human right and that person need to be aware of it.

2) Sad Song

sad, quotes, and song image cd, new, and sad image
When i'm sad I'm always want to hear sad so to make me even sadder..

3) Cat's Mama

Image by L I V tattoo, cat, and girl image
My love towards cats is beyond me. I'm the person who going to be old with 10 cats.

4) Decent drawer

flowers, art, and manga image eyes, art, and drawing image
I love to draw but i don't really know how so i just copied anything that tringgered me into something. Like both of this photo.

5) Nose & Fingers

tattoo and ink image
I can fit all my finger inside my nose. Not at the same time but interesting right?