Second article that I couldn´t post because I was in Seville, here you go:

Today's question:

Current favorite tv show? Movie? Song? Book?

Favorite tv show

I am in love with a spanish tv show called Acacias 38, there's a new episode every day, so for me that's amazing. This show is set around 1910, about the spanish life of gentlemen, ladies and servants of the street Acacias.

una vita and acacias38 image

Favorite movie

I have a few favorites but the only one I can't think about right now is Valerian and the city of the thousand planets. I loved Jumanji too (the new one and the old one). I love movies of adventure, where characters go throught different situations and challenges, to save someone, the planet or just to escape from something.

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Favorite song

My favorite song right now is 100 Letters by Halsey. I like what it talks about and Halseys voice is just perfect.

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Favorite book

My favorite book ever is The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks. I love romatic books and the stories are just inspiring. I also love The Hunger Games, for me the first book is the best one, as I said I love adventure and that book has it all.

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I hope you enjoyed reading my article!-Alison G.