Hello my hearters! I've just decided to publish some "book reviews" every time I finished a book. So, I'll start with a book I read recently: "En attendant Bojangles" written by Olivier Bourdeaut.

Image by Jennifer Barbier

It is published in 2015 in France and it receives several awards: to be honest, I understand why.

Image by Jennifer Barbier


Under the amazed gaze of their son, they dance on Nina Simone's "Mr. Bojangles". Their love is magical, vertiginous, a perpetual celebration. At home, there is room for pleasure, fantasy, and friends. The one who leads the dance is the mother, unpredictable and extravagant. She is the one who adopted the fourth member of the family, Mlle Superfétatoire, a big exotic bird walking in the apartment. She is the one who has constantly dragged them into a whirlwind of poetry and chimeras. One day, however, she goes too far. And father and son will do everything to avoid the ineluctable so that the party continues, whatever the cost. Crazy love has never been so good.

"Some do not ever go crazy ...
Their lives must be very boring. "
- Charles Bukowski

My opinion:

It's a book that from the start marks the spirits. Who does not dream of doing his life according to his desires, without constraints and especially following his craziest impulses. This book tells an extraordinary story about people just as out of the ordinary. At first, it shocked me with its originality and ease of reading. Probably for any age, he draws an unusual family in a world that is totally. The title is immediately catchy for fans of music with "Mr. Bojangles" by Nina Simone, renowned artist and outstanding personality, just like this story. So, without wishing to spoil anyone who would read it, I strongly advise this book that may make you think about yourself and the world around us. At the moment, this is one of the best books I've read.

Xoxo, Jay