hi friends,

today's article is about my best friends and their aesthetics.

roses and love for y'all


she's one of the best people I know, cute, funny, shy and loves to read. I love her, honestly.

book, bed, and aesthetic image Image by Sony Domm grunge, cool, and sleep image coffee, brown, and aesthetic image

the best friend anyone could ask for. he's cute, loves cds and my dog Chloe.

aesthetic, alternative, and asian boy image demons, quote, and grunge image beige, cd, and music image shihtzu image

the cutest. adventure? her last name. she's also like the "phone modern girl" and all that she says has something to do with sarcasm.

indie and nature image girls, goals, and look image iphone, black, and case image aesthetic, pink, and sarcasm image
our aesthetic
90s, style, and friends image friends, sky, and sunset image Image by Ксения Иванова rainbow, girl, and friends image

that was it friends, hope you enjoyed.