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1.Healthy food

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I am literally obsessed with all those healthy food aesthetics and I feel like i cannot live a day without eating at least two absolutely healthy things


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sunglasses can change your whole look and all those cat eye or kinda retro sunglasses are one of the things I will need to buy this year. Even tho I probably will not wear because of my lack of confidence,

3.Denim everything

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Everything from boyfriend and mom Jeans to skinny Jeans. From Denim Jackets to Shorts. Or from Denim skirts to Denim Dresses.

4.Biker Jackets

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They just look good to everything and since the spring in my country is not that warm they are just perfect


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everything that can pimp your outfit and make it a bit extra is perfect

6.Combine basics with something Fabulous

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a basic top with a jacket out of some nice and EXTRA material or a cardigan with wide sleeves or a pretty belt or bag or Idk maybe some trousers with a bow are a way to make that one basic thing super fashionable.

7.EXTRA: Smile

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a smile can change your whole appearance by expressing positivity and can get other persons in a better mood

I will post something later so look foreward to hear (or read) from me again.
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