Five Cheap Date Ideas

1. Netflix, Pizza and Wine
Order a pizza and buy a bottle of wine. Put your favourite netflix show on together and watch it while enjoying amazing food and drinks. It's the perfect excuse to cuddle with your date and get all comfy.

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2. Go to the beach
Take a blanket, some wine and a pizza with you. Go to the beach and enjoy the sunrise/sunset together. As you noticed, I am a pizza and wine lover so every date that includes that is fine by me. It is a romantic way to get to know each other.

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3. High-tea
High-Tea is a lunchdate, which is perfect for when you just began dating. You can get to know each other over tea and amazing food. There are all kind of high-teas, I especially love the high-chocolate-tea in my country, whicih includes english lunch food, but also delicious chocolate.

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4. Be a tourist in your own country
When you are in a longer relationship with each other, you get more comfortable. Be crazy! Go to a city in your country that you haven't visited that much and be a stranger in your own country. Go to cheap musea and explore the city with your significant other. Talk in English the whole time with a funny accent and just have fun with it! It will give you lots of laughs and happiness.

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5. Explore the city you live in
This can also be the opposite of course. Maybe you live in a large city and you haven't explored anything. Plan out the things you want to do and just walk around your city together. You don't have to have a lot of money to enjoy each others presence. It's lovely to just walk around with your significant other.

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Lots of love,