'As I live this life I see that You know everything I need and I can only be complete when I am yours alone."
-Know me better by Jonathan Ogden (from the Summer EP)
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Heres a quick playlist for mellow listening beginning with worship, ending with a reflective lyric-less beat to lead into prayer + Bible reading.

  • 1. Shepherd Of My Soul - Rivers & Robots (video has beautiful scenes to get a good meditative vibe too)
  • 2. What The Morning Shows - The Dust of Men


  • 3. Song of My Father - Urban Rescue
  • 4. In Christ Alone (acoustic) - Lauren Daigle
  • 5. Clouds - Jonathan Ogden (lofi piano based beat based on Psalm 36:5 - LOVE it)
I hope you find time to enjoy these as you meditate on the Word and pray throughout your day!