Let's talk about self love.

The term 'Self Love' itself is just so strong, it's the love you give to yourself from within you. Self love is a journey and it's not always easy to accept the way you are or understand, however with time, you will be able to achieve and bloom to be the best version of yourself. I can finally say that I have found that love and it's best gift I could give myself, and I'll like to share my favorite 5 tips on how you can embrace self love.

1. Stop comparing yourself to others!
YES you heard me, do not go around comparing yourself. I have been guilty of this act before but then I realized that I am my own unique piece. I should be appreciative for who I am,embrace my flaws and strive to better myself.

2. Feel your best!
Always feel your best, do something that makes you feel good about yourself. I always take the time to pick my outfits that showcase my confidence or look good in. Not only am I feeling my best, I am able to project myself for everyone to see.

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3. Be happy
Being happy with yourself brings out the positive vibes, glow and love you have for yourself.

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4. Give less F**ks
Do not listen to opinions not worth listening to. These people ain't worth your time and space for you to be dealing. Instead invest your time with family and friends who sees the best, encourages and support you.

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5. Be grateful
Be grateful for everything you have, be it with yourself or with the people you love. It is your chance to be stay happy and satisfied and to see the beauty you give to the people are you. Enjoy the little things.

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I hope with my tips you will be able to start your journey. Let me know what's your take on self love? Here's one of my favorite self love quote:-

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